Many of the features are dreams at this point. Items in italic have not yet been implemented. Items in bold are new to this version. Plain text items have been implemented and are considered stable.
System Requirements:
1.0- Many of these features will be implemented to the limited extent in which they are required. To implement other features. Starting with version 1.0 focus will be given to include the features listed below.
The initial focus will be to get the system working on Linux and then the Zaurus PDA (Linux), then port to Windows.
  • Security
  • Responsive: the teacher should not have to weight around for the system wasting valueable class time.
  • Redundancy: be able to back up information and work independent of the workstation or client if a server is used.
  • Ability to work from several different locations
  • Substitute teacher features
  • Access from multiple locations: Sever (Web page access), Workstation (linux, Win?, & Mac), & PDA
  • Client specific requirements will be posted here as soon as a client is implemented and considered stable
    Since I don't have a Mac I would love to have someone pickup that port as soon as the Linux client is available.
    • Linux:
    • Linux PDA:
    • Windows:
    • Mac:
Information Management:
  • Be able to click on a students name and get the student & parent contact information.
  • Notes on students.
  • View a students assignments.
  • View grades on assignment.
  • Grade over time. (Graph)
  • Quick way to mark attendance.
  • Attendance indicators show up on assignment grade sheet if requested.
  • Ability to publish attendance reports to EdLine.
  • If another person is responsible for excusing absences. Be able to send make that information available to them electronically and the results of whether or not it was excused.
  • Be able to drop the lowest x number of grades for a given category.
  • Connect attendance with grade.
  • Give categories individual weights.
  • Give terms, quarters, semesters, and final test different percentage weights.
  • Identify assignments as exempt, missing, late, cheat, ontime, etc....
  • Automatically calcualte in late assignment requirements.
  • The ability to excuse all absences for a particular student for a given day.
  • Electronically administred tests/quizzes/assignments/survey's that can be integrated with traditional assignments.
Lesson Plans:
  • Connect lesson plans with assignments.
  • Simple vector base drawing program to create diagrams.
  • Provide ability to use rich media in lesson plan.
  • Provide links to websites, folder, etc....
  • Place for notes/comments to review how well a lesson plan worked.
To help us make this program fill your needs please the survey found here (pdf).